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The magazine is supported solely by business advertising and we work hard to make sure the magazine has as wide a readership as possible with 10,000 paper copies going out locally and a growing readership for the online edition every month. The community engagement is fantastic and much of the magazine content is generated by readers so we are relevant and up to date.

To send in your info please email Bridget at



DEADLINE ALWAYS 10th of preceding month

Business & Community

As well as listing many local groups in the magazine we encourage you to send in events posters. Many groups are managing to encourage new members this way. If you have a special event, AGM or fundraiser then we will try to give you a bit of extra space to boost attendance.

Bear in mind that posters need to be readable at 95x65mm portrait size.



Events, Groups & Meets

In addition to our planned editorial, we sometimes have a bit of space to feature good stuff going on in Ely. So do get in touch if you have a good idea for an article or something that needs celebrating. We can't guarantee inclusion but we will do our best to help if we can. We will always be interested in a well written piece with wide public interest. GUIDE 300 words + pics



Editorial Features

We have several free poster slots per month for small local groups and charities but for larger charities we ask for a contribution typically charged at 30% discount on commercial rates. i.e. Full page £162.40, Half page £95.90, Quarter page £52.50 and Eighth page £32.90.



FREE  or 30% off CHARITY RATE depending on the size of your organisation.

Charity Advertising

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